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Do You Want to Increase Your Web Site Sales?

Web Form Analytics gives you the power to do just that.

This Service is still under development but will be ready soon, check back soon or contact us at sales@webformanalytics.com to be notified when it is ready

Web Form Analytics gives you the knowledge necessary to improve your form completion. Completed forms mean more sales, signups, leads. Whatever the goal of your site Web Form Ananlytics will help you reach that goal more often and quicker.

How is it done? A deeper understanding of the issues with your web forms can be gained by watching what your customers do on your form. That understanding is reached by monitoring:

Check our Features page for more details on how an understanding of these metrics can benefit you.

Everyone has heard of Google Analytics™ and most web masters are using that service or one like it to learn more about their web site users. Web Form Analytics picks up where those services leave off. We add data that can help you to improve your web forms, find errors, and recover lost data. Yes, we can even help you to recover data from forms that were never submitted. Abandoned forms can hold a wealth of information that can be used to contact potential customers and leads to pick up where perhaps a web form failed. Web sites that use phone sales along with online sales often find a much higher conversion rate when speaking to a person on the phone over simply allowing them to fill in a form. Knowning this and putting it to work for you can lead to highly increased over-all conversion and income.